Minnesota Birthday Balti 12/05/212

And so we awaken in a new state and are soon putting out cards for the Birthday Boy!

We get to work pretty quickly and 'Go Go' backs up the truck to the bay to get us rolling!

Mr T's board is running sweet thanks to new parts!

JET sits chatting while some ardent fans miss Steve, who passes them not once but twice, undetected.....

And we're into a great soundcheck, rocking the main stage guys!

And the Hammond has had some big lovin' thanks to our new friend Rich 'Young Garcia' from BB Organ
... Sweet fella, thanks!

Speaking of sweet.. here's Steve just moments after the band break into a certain Beatles song...

Happy Birthday Guv'ner!!

And it's show time!!!

Bo gets his wiggle on for a night of hot merch action.. sell sell sell!!

And it's load up and ship out.. St. Louis and a day off......


Anonymous said…
Jeys, I am posting again dude... setlist, setlist, setlist...

the issue is not this tour, because clearly, this tour is predetermined... As I have told you in cheltenham, within the confines of the secret Society of "the WINWOOD MANIACS" at Facebook, we are delving into the intricacies of this problem... we want to be challenged, because we are Winwood fans, one of the reasons why we call him the "Emperor of the British Rock Aristocracy" is because it makes us superior and cooler musically...

we groove to gerrard, phoenix, morning side,v-chair, state of grace, lord of the street, secrets... and the rest... and we want them in concert... Steve has nothing to prove to anyone, by doing a challenging setlist, he will defy every critic yet again and emerge victorious... Dude, please, do everything you can... you are our only hope...:)

Oscar Vollman said…
I agree- there are many great songs such as morning side, help me angel, vacant chair that should be played.
Obviously, i'm a man/gimme some loving/cant find my wayhome/dear mt fantasy and higher love are musts and great songs.
However, I wish we could here Roll With It and Hearts On Fire again.
Could he also go back and play a song on the piano once in a while-
I understand the allure of the B3 though, I finally played a real one after years on various B3 emulators/synths

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