Milwaukee Riverside Theater 11/05/12

With a night of sleep behind us we assemble at the fabulous Riverside Theater for some fun!

Time to have a nibble before we set the stage... great poppycock!

With James and JT having spent 2 days in Nashville trouble shooting the gear.. it's a bit of a surprise to have Gremlins in the house..

But in the house they are!

We spend time looking at the ceiling...

Touching guitars for good luck!

And watching a ghostly Bobby Long sound check..

 Richard get's his mallets out and chases those pesky Gremlins and magics up a Working B3 and matching pair of Leslies...

We make a hole in our new smashing Sonor Kit Bass drum skin...

James changes a power supply in his monitor rack and fixes his faders for the sound console.

What a mammoth show guys!!!!

It's been a long while since we playrd the states to a wholly Winwood audience...

Nice to hear the choir is in fine voice!


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