Meet me in St. Louis 13/05/12

As the bus rolls over the Mississipi we are introduced to the Geteway Arch, gleaming in the bright sunshine.

We have a little wait for our hotel rooms, but why wait?

We wend our meary way to the nearest burger joint, which just happens to provide truly excellent food... Baileys Range my friends, check it out!

My Bison burger with pesto and goats cheese complimented with home made fries and superb vanilla shake... Man they even make their own ketchup!! 

So it's back to collect our keys with full belly's and sort a few bits out with Mr.T and JT..

And I dump my bags grab a shower then it's 2 minutes in the room before sleep consumes me..

I have 30 minutes before Dave Hinson from Killer Vintage collects me for my personal tour of his store, it's Sunday after all!

So it's grab my film camera and walk around the block to take in some of the fabulous buildings from this historic city. 

Gateway to the West indeed, born out of the Louisiana purchase, starting point of Lewis and Clarks' trip to the Pacific..more than  a few really interesting buildings to snap..great!.

So Killer Vintage right? After a while in the store Dave turns to me and asks if I want to see the real stuff?

So within a few minutes I have a 50's Gibson LP junior in black in my paws...then another.. then the coup de gras... A 1949 Broadcaster.. !!  ( that one caused all the hairs on my arm to stand!) 
Followed by a '55 LP std.... a couple of mid 60's strats... and then a Gibson ES-5 switchmaster.... wow!

And back down to earth with enough time to dress for a delicious Birthday dinner....

Happy Birthday indeed!!


Pip Helix said…
Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. :-)

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