Hangout Festival, Gulf Shores 2012

 Feeling HOT HOt HoT!! 

We arrive early and are told to literally 'HANG' and thus we do...

With a short ride of just 1 mile to catering and dressing rooms we climb aboard the buggy, 
myself in the flatbed! 
Bumpy ride across the beach and we all follow the dragonfly into Foodland.

Crew Sauce island?

Jose bumps into an old fried and stops for a promo shot, apparently the guy has a new album out!

Which is cool because Jose's 'NETO Band' does too... catch it soon!

Just time for Bo to swing before we get back to load in!

 And load in we do! 

After we caught a few tunes by the fabulous Mavis Staples and Band, Steve applauded heartily.

And it's kick about on the beach for those brave enough for the hot afternoon sun!

Mad dogs and Englishman all intact!

With the sun pretty much covering the light show .. I found myself side stage, camera in hand!

I even had a trip out for the first time in a while, great show!

So we pack all but the front of house and James and I take a dip into the warm Gulf Sea to relax into the night.

Steve and JT, who had swum previously, both sat and caught their breath.

Followed by a road shower.. please do not attempt this at home, spring water can be expensive!

With the sun firmly set and Flaming Lips coming to the end of their 'Dark Side of the Moon' James and I pack the last few cases.

Then we hit the festival with Steve for a post work sandwich.

Steve and I carry on to catch the last of 'The Dave Matthews Band' set...


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