Fontanel Mansions Nashville Crew Special 18/05/12

6'  Hearthrob JeT PoE Guitar Tech, Glass of high class vino in hand will make the girls faint with his steely blues...swoon!

Left, Bo 'Gervais' Roberts Drum Tech & Merchandise. 
With humour so dry you could strike a match on it he will keep you smiling as he charms his way into your heart.

Right, Mark ' The Muppet' Pritchard Drum Tech from the past! 
He will leave you rolling on the floor with his great humour.
Unfortunately he is with us for just one show....

 Joe 'The Opener' Summers Perc Tech & Merchandise.
They call him Slowhand! 
Wherever we are he'll be found in the nearest trendy caff, book in one hand espresso in the other.

Truck Chad ' Go-Go' will get you packed up and out of any venue in fine time!
You'll find him Canon in hand wishing he'd never sold his Nikon! 
Check him out on Humans On Tour..

Tune in Next time to complete your Tour Personnel....

Meanwhile our Leader has his picture taken with quite a few folk to help raise money for the Radnor Lake cause!  
James and Jet are on hand...

Jose sports a Brazilian football shirt he assures me would help him make friends in the Ghetto. Cripes!

Antonio, guitar tech for Spearhead pauses to take a breath between guitar re-strings.

Michael Franti and Spearhead will be accompanying us over the next 3 gigs.. although they take a different stage in Gulf Shore's.

A jam happening captured.. and captured by Uncle Richie!

More Jam!! 
The Robinsons factory may be in for some stiff competition,
 even Joe lends a hand to a cross pollination of Spearhead and Winwood band members..

And back to the moment at hand.. this beautiful located stage soon fills up..

By the time Steve hits the stage the sun has cast it's last golden tendrils across the stage.

Thanks to Ron, Del and Matt's help I get a good light show on!

Set list:-

I'm a Man
Can't Fin My Way Home
Dirty City
Pearly Queen
Low Spark
Empty Pages
Light Up
Higher Love

Dear Mr. Fantasy
Gimme Some Lovin'


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the set list, much appreciated. Love the crew pix, too--looking forward to meeting the rest of them here.
Pip Helix said…
If you put enough musicians in a room, some music is bound to break out sooner or later. Thanks for the updates - they are fun! Oh, and from filling out the comment form, I appreciate the opportunity to "prove I'm not a robot". I wasn't quite sure. ;-)

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