Detroit Motor City Baby! 16/05/12

Detroit, home of Motown and the MC5... such an important music city!

With some time to kill Gogo and I grab cameras and take a walk round the block.

We meet a young chap outside his office..  a recent import to the city for in an up and coming part of town.

It's load in and we get it all in nice thanks to some great hands.
 I meet my lighting guy Sean who's already got my colours in place and is very helpful throughout the day.. In fact great support all round thanks Pat & co!

Todays show is brought to us by a couple of giant knights,  a lot of gold leave and the number 3!

 This has to be the most lively crowd we've had!

The choir was in fine voice through Can't Find my Way Home, Higher Love, Dear Mr. Fantasy and even Low Spark!!!

Great audience.....

On the load out we're greeted by a crowd of fan whom I have to insist move back for health and safety reasons..

They then proceed to witness the real show ;)


Anonymous said…
Nashville? Terrific show and it was great to see the ace crew at work--a new face or two as well. How about a crew pic?
Pip Helix said…
Yes, it is time for an installment of "Crew Monthly". :-)
Anonymous said…
Set list for Nashville? I was too busy listening to write anything down.

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