Chicago Theater 15/05/12

Its up and off the tour bus and into the subway before I can say 'Where are we going James?'

We hit his favourite Patagonia store where he buys a new sage bag and a bunch of shirt to fill it!

We also hit up REI.. my first visit.. alas nothing on the sale rails for this monkey!

Tim at Go-Outdoors in Bristol had already made sure I was well covered before tour..

So it's back to the venue and load in ready for our second visit by a Hammond Tech.

Our rental had a service and a D.I. mod swapped by Rich on our second date.. now it's Paul's turn.

As a Hammond wizard of the 3rd level he gets to work pretty fast!

As we have just been told that we can't buy this B3 he has to work harder to make it easy for the mods to be non permanent.

This he does and his but then pulls a rabbit out of his hat by selling us his refurbished B3!!!!

Happy day indeed...

Jet get his focus....

And it's back to the soundcheck....

Bo gets familiar with Krystal, our runner for the day.

And it's Doors!!!! 

Followed by a banging show....

Gogo gets going on his laptop of joy... just before we have to fill his truck with our joy..

Thank you and goodnight Chicago.......


Pip Helix said…
Good thing you were able to get that other B3 as a spare. I'll bet the thought of a show without a working Hammond brings a collective shudder to the crew.

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