Chastain Park Atlanta 19/05/12

It's a warm day at Chastain Park, Atlanta.. out come the chairs!

We hit the stage early as there's quite an important footy match on! 

I get some top help from Aaron in the lighting pit and I'm ready..

Go go takes time to scrub up his truck..

And with little interest in the match it's time to roll with it....

Paul, JT and myself hit the local pool for a few laps and some rays!

We return to what appears to be a very crucial time in the game.

Showtime and my Avolites Pearl is waiting with a lot of cool stuff added thanks to Aaron ;)

Pearly Queen had a very psychedelic look tonight!

And the kids went wild!!

Great choir too!


Pip Helix said…
Look at this dedication...posting on your day off! I knew you would. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Posting early- I really enjoyed the AC show esepcially Dr. Mr. Fantasy. It was my 18th time seeing Steve.

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