Borgata Manyata! 25/05/12

Atlantic City, Oh boy!

We were last here in 2008 - read it here   

And we're greeted by a few of those familiar faces.. including the house LD Mark.. who helps me get some really cool 'looks' for the show..

Just time for Jimmy to hit up a few emails.. he has a very high maintenance inbox!

Jet Po Strikes a Chord with the venue but misses the string on the Tele...

Pep tork for Babbylan! His new haircut threw us at first but has slightly grown on us..

And it's an inky Low Spark that gets the crowd singing!

Another great show.....

And whilst some eat, some gamble.... others sleep deeply in a bed that doesn't move.


Oscar Vollman said…
It was one of the best versions of Dear Mr. Fantasy I have seen. My buddy Dave from Dayton drove all night to get there.
He wasn't happy Empty Pages and Pearly Queen were cut; probably due to the casino
Pip Helix said…
The sound quality at Borgata was incredible. Bobby Long in particular had a great set, which convinced me to buy his CD once I got to Red Bank. Damn catchy songs..."Dead and Done" in particular did me in, and parted me from my cash. Oh, and that guy on the Hammond? I think he just may have a bright future in this business. ;-)

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