Belisha Beacon NYC 23/05/12

The original Dirty City!

We hit the venue and wait for our loaders to get our kit on stage.

Production office has a nice comfy chair, don't get too comfortable though.. it's a work day!

Back on the street Jet and Bo reminisce over the way candy used to taste.

And Biggity Bam! 

A sight in glorious Technicolour, Gold, Gold Gold... A fine looking venue.

So Jimmy and I sit amongst the crowd and show time!

Mark had not only programmed a great set of tools but also taught me a thing or 2 with the Avolites Pearl.. Thanks buddy!

In amongst the crowd are some familiar faces.. Lorenz and Nina, Emily and Nick, Crystal and Matt Stone and Tray Park..and our friends Walter Becker and his lovely wife..

A banging show!


Pip Helix said…
Matt and Trey were there? Does that mean Steve is going to show up (whether he wants to or not) on South Park? ;-)

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