Vector Arena Aukland 4/11/11

And it's up and out early looking for Merino!

James, Summers and I all go in search of this mystical wool.

But very soon it's time to get to work.

And so our last indoor gig and a fine indoor arena it is too!

Mitch, Steely Dan Production Manager hit's Jet Star up for some air miles.

And very soon Steve is sound checking with Steely Dan for his last appearance with the band.

And what a banging show!

Best audience yet, they really let their hair down.

When Steve asked all to stand for Gimme Some Loving not a bottom was left on it's seat!

With help from Mark my lighting show runs super smooth… Thanks buddy!

And yet another guest on stage for SD's encore! It's our own Paul Booth blasting downstage to Road Runner!!

Meanwhile after the Show Ricardo SD production assistant, Summers, Cal and I all go in search of a clear spot to light some fireworks :))))

Happy 4th everybody!


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