TSB Arena Wellington, NZ 02/11/11

Dawn stretches it's golden tendrils across the bay and dance shadows across my hotel room..

It's another beautiful day in New Zealand and I'd better get moving!

Early call today as we have to prepare our newly hired drums and percussion.

Joe set's it up on the deck as the stage is not built yet.

But what's this????

Why it's Olivia our helpful local member of staff who was insistent that Joe had this new look.

We soon get the stage and are hot to trot!

I have the joy of reprogramming my lights but have the fabulous Mark Butler to help out...

After a spot of tasty chicken roast it's showtime!

Thanks to G I'm taught a couple of new sheep jokes, NZ style!

I'm joined by my dear friend Rhiannon whom I've not seen for what feels like a lifetime, she enjoys the show.

And our first show in fabulous New Zealand is over...

Kimber, Summers, Rhiannon and I head out to catch up and wind down over a beer...


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