Napier Church Road Winery 5/11/11

So it's back to the airport and on a slightly larger propellor driven plane, this time an Aerospatiale ATR 72-500

Our in flight hostess Tiffany, fills us in on the subtle differences between each craft, namely that this plane has more grunt.

And very soon we're back stage, and what a sight to behold.. the famous NZ countryside at last... Hoorah!

Summers, Kimber and I grab a burger from catering and hit backstage to build.

Soon enough it's our time and as it's super windy so much so that we have to disregard our mid stage curtain..

Jet stands guardian of stage right.. but who's this behind him? Why it's that lovely man Mark Butler trying to make a hasty retreat.

And so with all the chairs set it's time to get to front of house and make sure my lights are focused..

But where is the Mix Mogul? Has he been replaced? Fear yea not audiophiles our award winning Mogul will be back in the hot seat for tonight's performance!

And so the last show calls for a group photo and we all assemble pre show to take our place in remembrance of a fab tour!

Check here for the full picture :)

Eventually everybody arrived an the full photo was taken.. much to the amusement of Ricardo and monitor engineer Peter.

So it's still daylight and my show consists of bright white and some muted colours as the day light fades.

As this is the last show we have to wait until all the Steely Dan gear has been loaded into trucks before we can load ours.

At this point Ricardo's fireworks go someway to pass the time…

And it's passed the witching hour so we can fill the truck with our gear.. or turn into a pumpkin!

Back to grab a quick pint before bed in a fine Irish bar in Napier town..

Good night Napier..

Happy Bonfire night.


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