Show Time! Perth 18/10/11

And it's up and out for a chance at the stage!

The locals have been busy and the stage is already set for Steely Dan by the time we arrive.

But we waste no time and get ourselves ready for our time....

Mix Mogul is busy fending off local college students while trying to get a mix for the show..

The band kick off and run through a few tunes while I try and figure out my lights for the show.

I'ts no time at all before we get the stage and our time is not wasted the arena is packed with adoring fans who witness a superb first show of the tour!

The Band are banging and bang out the tunes.. Light up really rocks tonight!

And it's over.. the locals are a top bunch and have set the standard high for all other crews.. we load out and pack the truck in fine time! Thanks Justin and guys :)

And Natalie is there to take us home....


Anonymous said…
Jason, please dude.... can you post the setlists here... so that we know... whats goin on???



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