Production Day Perth 17/10/11

With Booth already installed in Perth earlier thanks to some long standing connections and Mix Mogul arriving prior to ourselves it's time for a quick bite before we grab Summers and Kimber to get to the venue and have a looksy.

It's a basketball arena and no mistaking, the smell of victory is still prevalent in our dressing room,

as were the giant dance contest signs!

Unfortunately all photographic evidence had to be destroyed due to stringent Aussie laws.

All that was allowed was a nice shot of Summers and Kimber watching clips while Mix Mogul waits for our gear!

Finally we roll out our cases and into the arena to run up the system and let the band jam a couple of tunes...

Jet Poe, Jose and Steve arrive together and it's all systems go!

The night ends with a detour to Red Rooster, a fine recommendation from our guide Natalie... tasty chicken!


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