FLY.. 15th-16th October 2011

 It's morning on the day of our transglobal flight..and seems like yesterday that we'd said good bye to our gear after rehearsals..

And what a beautiful morning, sunrise in the English countryside....

Summers, Kimber, Mr Bailey and I all meet for a spot of lunch before braving the cuisine served upon the flight.

Our first ride in an Airbus A380 and we're all surprised at the smoothness of the flight... Thank Keenan for that!

So we arrive in Perth to warm weather, if slightly overcast and grab some dinner before heading bedwards. Tomorrow is a production day and we all need to be chipper, even if we have lost a day somewhere... Did we check down the back of the sofa??  


Anonymous said…
Hey Jason, could you please update us on the setlists as they come along... any suprises I wonder??

Anonymous said…
Keenan says you're welcome. :)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good start.


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