ANZ Autumn fun - Rehearsal Part 1... 24/09/11

Actually it's Spring down there and we're all getting prepared for the trip!

Boxes are filling, forms are filled and flights booked.. We're almost there ;)

Jose and Steve lay into 'Light Up' to a rhythmic feast provided by Richard Bailey and  Edson 'Cafe' Da Silva.. oh yes!

Paul Booth is unable to attend this rehearsal.......but fear not Jazz fans he'll be back in the high life again..soon!

And so with the sun setting, it's time to wind down with a beer. Mix Mogul and I enjoy a fine Dunkel courtesy of Kalle...


IngeP said…
So nice to hear from you again - its been a year now. Enjoy yourselves
on your down under tour and take care of each other. Try not to write anthing
about set lists ... and hopefully Steves site is not going down under as well.
Anonymous said…
Jason, dude, please tell us whether there is a suprise(s) regarding setlists... please..

berkin (winwood completist)

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