Showtime Berlin 09-10-10

So here we are in a rather dramatic building and the Globul Mogul rises to the occasion with a Yellow office..
Tim takes 5 to tweak hi sound.... sporting new Swiss shoes no less!

My aquatic backdrop confuses Kimber and the Mogul put's him at ease..

Margery? No just loafing about....

One for Jeffery?


Andreas said…
hi guys,

i saw the show on october, 9th in berlin. I stand in the first row in front of the great Steve Winwood and i want to say that the show was awesome. It was my first Steve Winwood Concert and i hope i Still see you a few times more in Berlin. It was also a great moment for me when some of the of the band come to the backdoor and talk to us and give autographs.
thank you and i wish you a great Tour.

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