Rostock and a fine Gig it was too... 13-10-10

After a nice relaxing day in this fabulous eastern German town we're all ready to rock the place.

Sgt Jet Poe .. present arms!

I ponder a moment whilst assisting Tim in a tonal voyage.

The human Jet Gnome sits awhile in Satin's enclave...

And the Globul Mogul snoozes after a few global deals..

And a pre show Booth watches Dawson's Creek....

What a show though.

Held in an old Soviet gymnasium with the Hungarian made scoreboard still intact!

A good band of locals help is high tail it out of there.. so big thanks Stephan and company.

Thanks to the lighting Stephan and guys who helped us through the German dates :)


Anonymous said…
Hello, I was there. I´m from Rostock and this was the best Show I´ve ever seen in my hometown. I´m proud of Steve and the other guys were here. It was a dream since my youth in the 80s. An now it became reality. Great.


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