I love Paris in the Autumn, how about you? 7-10-10

As we climb bleary eyed out of our bunks we are in Paris!

Tim and I head of for food..

It looks like the locals are super keen to get us loaded in and as I approach the venue our cases are all aboard!

With 3 flights of stairs to have to carry the cases down it mustn't have been much fun.. load out will be tricky.

Joe Summers stops to check out the venue's history, apparently Josephine Baker died here...

I get a helping hand from Jean-Michel-Jarre's assistant LD Florian and we get a miniature Pink Floyd experience.

Summers does a support slot and all his links are in French, you got to love that.

And Kimber get's side stage to capture the event.... Rocking!!!

Load out was a lot of fun after all.....


Kofitao said…
I am French and I was in the audience for the show. It was a great show and a unique chance to get close to Mr Winwood's gifted music. I wish I could get the same experience (small place at reasonable price) with Steve's mate Eric :) The band is excellent and top quality as good as the 94 Traffic's revival band. Thank you very much.

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