Helsingor 11-10-10

After leaving Copenhagen we weave our way north to the Swedish border and Helsingor!

The load in is a muddy but carpeted, the venue's grand opening was the 10th and we are the first act to grace it's stage.

Jet poses above and below thanks to Kimber and Ret.

My Lighting helper, Shuna ( I'm sure it's not spelled that way) helps Paul Booth's smokin Hammond skills.....

And it's off to the dressing room and catering, situated on the other side of town..

Thankfully it's a small one ;)

A fine evening was had by all and we're away to Germany.....


Inge said…
Great blog - thanks a million.
Mini review on the Helsingør gig http://www.stevewinwood.com/users/RbPfY5AW/blogs/444629
It was difficult to hear the few words Steve said to us, but I think it was something like this: “It is very nice to be here in - pause – pause - pause – this part of the world – ha ha I liked that.
See you in Dublin! Pls. surprise us!
Summersnow said…
Great blog, thanks Jason & co.

Maybe next time you will actually CROSS the Swedish border and ENTER SWEDEN!!??
A day off in wonderful Copenhagen, not bad at all. Hope Steve found a nice pipe!

Sorry you missed them, Inge!

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