Cork Jazz Festival- The Opera House 24-10-10

And so after a day to recoup our energy and Paul Booth* to tart himself around the city, it's off to the venue..

On the Way the Mogul notices a very long ladder and wonders who would climb such a precarious thing!

With an afternoon gig we have to carefully place our gear side stage..Jet takes a moment to plan his attack.

We leave Gareth, the stage manager and the venue to it's afternoon gig with the promise of aiding move the grand piano..

Cal lends a hand and also enjoys the comfort of this 19th century box..

With a few hours spent we hit the stage and set our stage with just enough room for the act before us.

Unfortunately when they arrive they decide it's not enough space as they play loud with huge amps..

I though it was a Jazz festival?

Crew Monthly shot of the tour?

So with the gig tearing a hole in the roof we are handed each a pint of cool Guinness courtesy of the venue and with thanks from Gareth.

What a great day it turned out to be :)

* BTW I think Paul managed to play 4 gigs including ours, what a guy!


Anonymous said…
Great Gig. Great Guinness. Great night.
Anonymous said…
Come back again Stevie.

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