AB Club Brussels...... 16-10-10

Good morning Brussels!!

Thankfully my head is clear but my waking thoughts are for those who endulged in the beer..

We all hop on the bus and are met by a few bleary eyes.

With a splendid load in and stage set it's time for The Mogul to get sound checked and your humble narrator to get his light show in order..With help from Michael and Yurs this takes no time.

Our show is a special one as we have on opening act. The Holmes Brothers kick off with some fabulous blues with the majority of singing from the drummer!

Showtime! And the crowd go wild.... oh yes indeed a storming show.

Another fine shot from Kimber.....


MARISE said…
Hé boys , (first of all SORRY for my cahotic english-writing!!) : i am VERY GLAD that you continue to enjoy your (too) short stay in Brussel. I told you that the public was 'incredible'!! Thank you to wear your new pullover on the day-off picture and above all to talk about Oxfam !!Does Kimber's fans enjoy his trench?... Do you recognize me now ? It was a VERY unusual pleasant meeting that friday. .!! Hope you will come back soon (and promise , i'll try to come to the concert).
Welcome back to your home. ..read you later..

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