Wiener Konzerthaus! 29-9-10

With a hearty night's sleep and a quick read of the morning papers it's off to the venue!

We're greeted by a man whose appearance is too close to Gaear Grimsrud from the film Fargo.

But in we go and it's time to look at the venue, and what a beautiful place!

The new boys get to work with some hi-tech tomfoolery, whilst JT and I observe...

Soon our bus arrives and we meet our driver Helli... soon followed by our truck driver Brian..

Just like The Stig.. his identity must be kept a secret.

The first show kicks off with Different light into I'm a man and Hungry man.

Valerie makes a comeback with Shanghai noodle factory, withering tree, slowdown sundown and vacant chair also back on the set!

By the time the show hits 'every mother son' the crowd are raging and Steve slams home with Oye Como Va!

The new players are rocking the groove and the kids go wild!


Inge said…
Welcome back - seems there is a lot of new things happening - new crew members - new band members? Tim Cansfield?? New set list - It is all very exciting. I look forward to seeing you a couple of times.
baz3333 said…
Hi Jason, welcome back on the road. Interesting set!!!!! Has Steve done all arrangements for the Hammond or has he took more instruments, keyboards on the road?
Berkin said…
Holy mother of god, Jason, is that setlist for reAl, or are u yanking my chain...

Dude, if true, a dream come true..
Nick said…
Reference the band - who's in and who's out?

Nick M
minky said…
Is that set list a wind up captain, or will I be in 7th heaven at The Roundhouse ?
The Milan setlist implies the same old set. It does need a bit of new life, and resurrecting a few wayward selections with new arrangements would do nicely. If that set list was a wind-up which I'm sure it is, fair play but I think you should have to sing 'Shanghai Noodle Factory' acapella as penance at the Roundhouse show.

p.s. great blog site
Alan Woontner said…
I think these comments reflect that Steve's long standing, loyal fans who spread the Winwood gospel are hungry for a bit of variety in the setlist. We trust Steve and the band to produce satisfying, high quality music but have been feeling the set list reflects a lack of adventureist spirit and creativity that Steve is known for. Why not Withering Tree, Shanghai Noodle Factory or even Oy Como Va?
Berkin said…
Jason, man we are upset.. We were really hoping for a true revolution in the setlist... I should tell you, the set lists between 2003-2005 have been much more varied. We understand Steve enjoys playing the new stuff. We love it too, but what about, cigano, bully, Phoenix?

Can you show this to Steve please!!!!

I'm a man
Spanish dancer
Withering tree
Final hour
Talkingback to the night
Times we forget
Walking in the wind
Dirty city
Empty pages
Crossing the line
Phoenix Rising

This is just an example... And so doable.. Please show it to him, just to get an idea.. We understand that this setlist takes time to prepare, but we can wait, we wait for years if necessary...

Please show it to him....

Alan Woontner said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Woontner said…
Jason, I concur with Berkin.

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