West Palm Beach.. 01-08-10

With a giant inflatable bottle of rum and a palm tree there really is only one place we can be!

So West Palm Beach and the Curzan Amphitheater eh?

As I walk from the bus to the dressing room, dozens of gecko's run across my path.

Lizards do in fact like the heat.. thankfully we have a little downpour and the heat dissipates momentarily.

As this is the last show many goodbyes are said.. in fact I missed a few.. so goodbye Mr Chuckles, Enzo and Chad.. did I get Robyn? I can't remember, we left fast....

It's Karl and Karl! A tale of 2 percussionist....Although I still think the likeness to Joe Pesci is more than passing!

So Jet hits top gal Karen in the merch truck to settle the accounts, buying himself a hoodie before the show.

So for the last time this tour Steve and the boys hit the stage for a blinding set of great songs.. some old, some new...


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