St Paul, Minnesota- Gig day 30-06-10

And so we rise and shine for our first show on this wonderful town of St.Paul Minnesota.

Ross and I go looking for breakfast and are not disappointed thanks to a classic streamline diner.

Steve looks for a hair cut and finds more than he bargained for.

With the band set up on the stage the last few tweeks are performed by us and sound check is on!

And I follow Globul Modulator to front of house to play with the lights ... hehehe

Show was a corker and the tunes were very well received..

With the load out complete we have just a few moments to watch some hot latin flavours from Mr.Santana and band.

After the gig Carlos invites us in for some after show food- spicy wings!

We graciously accept and meet the band too, who all seem like thoroughly nice guys.

**A big thanks to Vik and those in catering who looked after us so well both days!


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