Saturday in the Park, Sioux City 03-07-10

With the bus parked outside Mike's house and the satellite is down, it's time to find a plan.

Football is a serious business on our bus and an important match has to be seen.

We eventually get the go ahead to move it down the hill.. and we have reception!!

Meanwhile the crew hit the festival and are greeted by Sean, production assistant and security for Santana.

Then it's the tricky deal of getting the stuff out of a sloping trailer and up a concrete causeway before it has to be made and taken up a series of steel ramps ...

Thanks to a Dodge flatbed pick up and a few locals we're to get into a position to build a few bits.

After Michael Franti had brought up most of the kids in the audience to sing, sang a song in the middle of the festival and brought Amanda Shaw up to Jam..Jose joins him for some hot Neto licks!!

And on we go.....

With the day's grueling heat still prevalent the load out is topless and sweaty!

Ross find the keg in our dressing room and gets to work before getting thrown out by bouncer Bailey.

I managed to get side stage to enjoy Black Magic Woman.. nice.

With the festival celebrating 20 years there is cake and Fireworks to finish.. I don't know which I enjoyed more.


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