Really? Raleigh, NC! 28-07-10

And so we hit the home town of JeT Toe and friends arrive early in the guise of Mr.John.Fields.

After a good load out, fine build and a lot of sweat we hit the stage...

It's a very bright stage and God is fighting for who gets to light Steve and the guys..

After show the Family Poe arrive and we hang out and catch up.

Really nice to see you all guys! Look forward to the possibility of spending more time with you next time.

Meanwhile Mr.Malarky meets our new bus resident..
Can you believe this guy?
I found him in my bunk! Not even invited.
Check shirt and rigid personality.. At Least Malarky sems to like him.

And so we hit the road and mayhem continues.. as we turn a corner a precariously purched bag of evil trail mix takes a head dive onto a macbook...

**** Kid Rock was not harmed in the making of this, and we didn't offer him any of Jet's Mom's fabulous blueberry muffins!***

*******Kid rock appears courtesy of Cal & Jimbo ******


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