Over the line! Lost but not forgotten..! 11-07-10

So with a Walmart midnight stop to stock up on all things Yankee we hit the road.

With the border breached we head towards Toronto...

It's world cup final day and questions are posed as to where the match is to viewed.

The Glogal Mogulateur sets up office on the balcony as I raise the locals to dump our trailer..

And what a great bunch of guys.. we have it unloaded and built in record time.

The sun is beating down and the stage looks like God has a pretty good idea of where the musicians will be.

I accosted by a rather friendly lady called Mary who has brought her teenage son with her. He has the air of someone who is about to be educated about him...

Vince hangs with us at FOH to enjoy some of The Mogulateur's fine moves and grooves..

With the show under our belts and a day off looming, Steve and the crew take to the balcony.

Rosco decides he needs the clothes rack and tries in vain to disguise it as a Dalek.


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