Noblesville Iniana-nanana hey hey check check 1,2 07-07-10

Another shed.. another shirt!

It's hot again but not as humid, which were are thankful for.

Jet gets collecting video and we're all hoping our beloved organ lasts the show as the old girl is somewhat poorly.

We await the arrival of her replacement from Nashville, later....

We have Stubby Assistant stage Manager from the Santana rocking to the sound of 40,000 Headmen, which is added to the set tonight.

A fine spot of dualing between Jose and Steve on Dirty City...

The show goes on!!

With the sun setting behind the amphitheater those of us at front of house are somewhat blinded during the show...

Hot from Nashville SIR, Scott arrives laden with B3 and Leslie's... we just have to fit our mods and all should be good with this fine specimen!


Paul Burke said…
Saw the picture of Jose - now that I know he's on tour I'm buying tickets - where else can I find the band-mates line up for both bands - we all know they go through personnel changes?
Jason Jervis said…
Richard Bailey - Drums
Karl Van den Bossche - Percussion, Vocals
Paul Boothe - Sax, Organ , Vocals
Jose Neto - Guitar

Try for their band ;)

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