Beautiful Quebec City 13-07-10

So after a great day off chilling and enjoying the local sites in the beautiful old town..

It's time to hit the Festival D'ete International.. but with storm clouds looming Rainmaker doesn't make the set...

It's no use the clouds are not passing, just looking more likely to burst.

Polythene is generously applied to all gear present including the mic heads!

And with rain falling the gates are opened and the fans pour in...

Back stage drips..

With Steve Hill blasting through his set and rocking the rainclouds it really did start to pour..

After show the rain stopped for us to have a safe load out with Denny and his locals.

Jet and I decide to brave the showers in the trailers...

Screaming like girls, as the water is freezing, we both manage to lock ourselves into our respective, adjacent rooms!


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