Atlantic City where it's really hot and you burn your feet on the beach 24-07-10

As soon as we climb from our bunks, eat breakfast and drink tea it's time to drop trailer and get our gear into the casino.

And hot it was.. Jet and I take to the beach for a little cool relief.. and some photo's maybe?

Oh and a surprise guest appearance from Mr.Seaside Dragonlet..

But our visit is brief due to raging heat so it's back to build our gear while we wait for the stage.

Top guy Paul, who tech's for Santana's second guitar Tommy sit's and enjoys our soundcheck.

Paul set up Jose with a new Flaxwood guitar which Steve has play of.

The gig's a good un and Vincent Pastore, aka Pussy from the hit TV show Sopranos make an appearance in the dressing room.

We're watching series 1 on the bus... So Steve has plenty to talk to him about.


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