Arena: Montreal ...aka 'The Game Plan' 15-07-10

And so we reach our last date in Canada and it's indoor, in fact the arena is home to top hockey team the Canadiens.

With our load dumped and stomaches empty it's off to catering for some brekkie.
Bless Canada for getting it right.. Weetabix followed by toast and marmalade and Tetley tea!!!

A smooth sound check and with no competition from nature we will actually see the light show!

Carlos pop's in and enjoys a couple of numbers... looking very like the man from Del Monte!

Jet tries to explain the defensive strategy for tonight's show while Steve makes a few recommendations and Jose looks on..

And the show goes down a storm...

With all on the bus we leave town and hit the border with it's giant sign stating that you will in fact be entering America.. how informative!


Jean-Marc said…
Great reading Jason!!! what happened to Toronto?
Jason Jervis said…
Sorry! If you look back... you'll find it ;)

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