Made of Ale.. at the Beeb

So with Steve hot off his tour of Europe with Mr.C it's time for a spot of quality British radio, thanks to Johnnie Walker and BBC Radio 2.

It's a busy morning for us.. Jet and Ross hard at work While Simon II blurs his way through.

Simon and Rob enjoy the sound check, while the Globul Mogul of International Enterprises gets the sound just right.
Jet and Jerv enjoy a grumpy handshake, you should try one, they're great!

And the show..... wicked!

Home and the night sky is a welcome sight!


Inge said…
Great that you are back!
SR said…
The BBC4 docummentary "An English Soul" followed by Eric and Steve in Madison Square was remarkable with the fact it was the first time I'd heard Mr W speak. Totally loved his "organic" living. And his clueless country neighbours. One understands the tapestry of sounds he helped create and influenced over the bubblegum years and the stories behind the records. What a gifted life. Look forward to your posts.
Wendy said…
So glad that you are back, I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about us but I guess that you might have been rather busy!!!

Love the blogs, keep em coming.


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