More roar with MGM....

With all the necessary gear on the deck and some top guys helping we get a good sound check in.

Le Grand Nacho enjoys all the space in our dressing room.

And the theatre fills up with expectant fans looking forward to a great show.

Another storming show!

Special thanks to Karl who not only helped above and beyond but gave me some good whiskey tips.

After the show we hit the centre bar and Paul, Ross and myself hit the nightclub for some dancing!

We met a group of psychiatric nurses who were having trouble with a couple of DB's sharking their single friends.

Needles to say, as gentlemen, we offered our help.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for setting up a great show at the MGM. The music and quality of the sound was great. Hope to see you back again next year.
John said…
Does anyone have a setlist from this show? Speificly looking fot the name of the song with all the solos.... "Louder" I think was the chorus... any help would be great!!! Thanks , John
Jason Jervis said…
Dude, set list is on the lighting console ;)

The song with all the solo's is 'Light Up'.

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