Durham and eggs!

After a day off in Florida chatting to the locals we leave for Durham, North Carolina.
Our driver Dale takes us calmly into the night.

With a hefty curbside load in complete.... we try and find our way around the venue..
Ross finds a a map inscribed on the wall by the last band who got lost!

Jhett Poe arrives in the nick of time...and takes us to eat.
We sit and enjoy barbeque food courtesy of Cindy.

Our Man Fields, promoter on the inside, has teamed up with Thorne and Pat to promote this gig, great job guys.

With a few famous relatives in the audience, the family Poe, the show kicks off.

And the crowd go wild!!!

What a reception from Durham.. Happy day.


shige said…
Great show in Durham! Thank you very much.
I was sitting in the front row and enjoyed so much. Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, so much, for coming to Durham. What a perfect show!! I feel very honored to have been there to experience Steve's music. Wonderful!! I clapped so hard that after the first song (which really blew me away) the opal flew out of the ring I was wearing!! Oh well...we looked around on the floor after the show, but saw nothing. I "shouted" out to the stage crew..."tell Stevie THANK YOU", and just then my husband exclaimed "I found it!" A perfect ending for our perfect evening.
Peace and Love,

Anonymous said…
Is it possible to get the playlist for the show at the DPAC in Durham? I was unfamiliar with the newer material. Here's my attempt, below. Please let me know.
1. I'm A Man
2. Dirty City
3. Can't Find My Way Home
4. Fly
5. Raging Sea
6. Pearly Queen
7. I'm Not Drowning
8. Hungry Man
9. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys/Empty Pages
10. Light Up or Leave Me Alone
11. We're All Looking
12. Other Shore
13. Higher Love
14. At Times We Do Forget
15. Gimme Some Lovin'
16. Dear Mr. Fantasy

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