Circus Maximus Bamber Gascoigneii!

Although it's not quite Vegas it's still full of lots of people tending slots and flipping cards in the hope of winning back just a quarter of what's been spent.

Ross and I awake and go off in search of Breakfast. A simple plan?

Yes..but we didn't count on everything being connected. We soon found ourselves in a completely different casino.

After leaving a trail of breadcrumbs we get back to Caesars and chow down, being soon joined by John and his buddy Adam.

After breakfast we take the morning air and walk outside of the pier, marveling at the snowy beach.

Ross finds a slot machine here! However the gamble pays off and we can see the ocean...

On the way to load in John sees a familiar face and wonders where he's seen it before.....

After sound check we go off in search of adventure and maybe some rest.

Jet finds a locker room and insists he show me something.

I lost him out side the lift (elevator) and when it stops and the doors gracefully slide open..

Out comes Jet Noise and his Harem of Beauties! Go Jet Go!!

Another fine show with a valentines audience to rock with.

And so another bunch of shows finished it's all aboard the bus for one final trip to the Hotel.

Jose takes a moment to trade some oriental crackers with Karl, just one more dried anchovy says Karl...

Until next time....see you on this 'Other Shore'


SR said…
Nice to finally see 'road crew' engraved in solid gold. Mr Jason, you hold us in suspense, intrigue, wonder and fits of giggles. Despite the strict routine you follow, nothing about your writing is repetitive. I know nothign about you or your colleagues though it helps a little that I've been in love with your boss since 15 :-)

Highlights: a carpark BBQ, the soulful shot of Winwood on the big screen totally outdone by you wearing a horse head. That one shot I think sums up the entire blog (for me). It was worth photographing (inc 2 brilliant 'fine art' shots), screenplaying, uploading, editing,
and moderating. Bless you and your humour. Enjoy this long Easter weekend of 2010. Sincerely,

Inge said…
Will you and the other crew members join SW on his tour with Carlos Santana in USA and Canada. If yes, I look forward to yet another great blog and photos from you.
Jason Jervis said…
Of course Inge...if I'm touring I'm blogging! I wont be on the Winwood-Clapton European tour, so I wont be blogging ;)
Wendy said…
We have missed you on Steve's latest tour with Eric. Will you be going to America for the Santana tour? Did I see Jet doing your job at the LG Arena in Birmingham on 18/05/2010?

The new fanclub site doesn't give us much information about what is going on. We miss your comments and photos. Jason come back, we need you!
Jason Jervis said…
Hi Wendy,
Thanks very much...
Yes you did see Jet at Birmingham, yes I will be flying to the states soon with the gang.. and yes you shall have more Blog!

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