Falmouth....Training Day 11/08/09

And so with ~Jet Glow gone to attend his buddies wedding with our old friend Mr.Fields, it's time to usher in some new blood!

Meet Andy 'Spricket' Lansley,(left) and Simon' Si-Fi' Turner(right) along with the usual Crew monthly pose.
This month's featurette is on 'Hanging Tough'.....

We have a great load in and one of the faces is very familiar indeed...It's Andy from Bristol..
With a bit of time before sound check I'm fixing strings for Jose with my good friend Steve Parker, a local of Falmouth..who supplies some much the needed 10's!
We hit the beech for a quick catch up and some sun...

So what do you eat when visit the seaside? Why fish and chips of course.....everybody enjoyed!

Moments before the show and the crowd are excited....if you look carefully you can see Steve, like some latter day where's wally..it's stalk Steve!

What a great show..the crowd went wild!!

The new boys had done well and load out was smooth. The long drive home was full of Sci-Fi chat with Andy and Simon followed by a bit of audiophile natter with an impromptu meeting of the CAS!


jerryman said…
it's jerry, from the petty tour. glad to see you are still out and doing well. i am doing my old steppenwolf gig again this summer and into the fall. one of my old bands (dogs?) played a benefit for charity, we ended up recording a new album, check it out, www.dogstunes.com keep the blog going, it is great fun to see you guys.

take care out there, Jerry

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