Wunderlust! 20/07/09

And so did three intrepid explorers venture forth into the black Forest!

Dead branches were found and fashioned into walking sticks.

The road was long and arduous, the explorers took shelter in a cave for a moment...

The glory of the vista was not lost on the walkers as they enjoyed the summit.

And it's into the local brewery to wet their parched throats and fill their empty bellies..

What a great day, in fact everyone came back to the pub to eat, drink and be merry..*hic*..

Some of us, having had a head start however, drank a little too much of the dark heve weisse...


gunterR said…
Hi Jason,
I enjoy your pictures & comments. I've been addicted to Steve and his music since "Keep on running". Wish you had a good time in the Black Forest. This time I'll attend the show in Winterbach & San Javier. Hopefully my sweet wife (and the baby) won't be too mad!
PS: Sorry Steve, I know it sounds childish, but why not "Look Away" one time?
Axel said…
Fantastic Pictures...(er.. especially 6+of+11.jpg .. what a shot:) just got back from down there a few hours ago .. Gig was great ... location superb (a bit too cozy inside though) ... food perfect and fairly priced .. and beer .. well what can u say! + nice folks there..

"Tuttlingen" itself, however, sucks so badly .. I have to catch a night of sleep first before being able to get to a final "judgement"! ;)

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