We all came down to Montreux, 9-10/7/9

As our bus carefully winds its way through the Alps we are followed by Ross & Simon in the truck of brotherly love.

A gentle tap from a sleepless Karl wakes me from my slumber and camera in hand I feast my eyes.

It's a quick bag drop and back to the venue to await the truckers.

With locals like help from a top crew of locals we hit the stage and set up in good time.

Sound check happens and it's time to strike the stage as Derek Trucks, then David Sanborn both have their sound checks..

So it's an 11 o'clock show and we leave about 3.30......

What to do?

A bite and a kip :)

What a show!

Steve plays and sings a blinder.

A fine set of solo's from each band member.

A guest appearance from Chaka Khan during Higher love.

Followed by a cool load out and drinks in the Jazz club....

We end up in my room watching sunrise from my balcony.

Jet Poe tries to explain the mechanics of the event in sign..

So after a few hours sleep Ross, Simon and myself head off in search of food....

Madame Mercury finds a very happy Simon as Ross and I capture the moment.

And it's off to find Vaffels...mmmm ve luv vaffles...

The evening is rounded off by the sweet tones of Baltik Folk tunes delivered in a Heavy Metal fashion..Rock it!!


G. Adé swissfan63@yahoo.com said…
what a show indeed!
mr. winwood and
the band in fine form.

fantastic sound - thank you.

and chaka as a ''surprise''
she seems to live in montreux these days.

any chance you could post the setlist?
Jason Jervis said…
I'm a Man
Hungry Man
Can't Find my Way Home
Dirty City
Light Up
Low Spark/ Empty Pages
Higher Love featuring Chaka Khan

Gimme some loving
G.Adé said…
missed light up

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