Udine, Ooh- deen..eh? Houdini! 8/7/9

As we open our bleary little eyes we are welcomed by the sun to the extremely picturesque town of Udine.

James, Simon, Ross and myself decide it's time to hit the streets in search of pasta.

After taking our fill it's time to wind our way up to Ill Castillo.

How simply the views captivate us all as we wait for the local stage hands to arrive.

Jet Poe tries to use his super powers to create a rope for the well......

On this tour it appears that our favourite saxophobist Paul Booth thinks the show needs more cowbell..

A sentiment Ross shares and employs the label printer to exemplify.

Meanwhile, just moments before the show our hero finds himself locked in the lavatory!

What to do, muses Steve..

A quick listen reveals a fluting Booth, and in moments he is rescued.....Hoorah!!


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