Serenadenhof, Nurnberg 19/07/09

Today we find ourselves in the unfinished congress hall in Nurnberg.

We're all overwhelmed by it's size......Simon especially....

Family shot...

Now for sound check... Global mogul J.Towler checks his stocks between numbers.......while Uwe takes financial advice....nice!

JT sits in for Richard, as Richard teaches Simon the joys of more 'bell!

And a courtyard full to the brim all have a jolly good time!


IngeP said…
Another set of great photos from N├╝rnberg - and thank you for the set list - same as in Leamington Spa, so no need to feel sorry that I didn't get a copy of the set list at the time.

Nice family!
Stefy said…
I was there... fantastic concert! I came all the way from Milano, Italy and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you Steve!

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