Royal 'Lemming' (ton) Spa 14/07

Back to Blighty and a gig on home turf!

So with all the cases loaded and stage set it's time play!

What a backstage area.....

A happy Steve gives Ross a push start.

James tries to get a better deal with the local promoter.

Ross and I go for a spin.

JT wonders at Ross' new caravan.

So with Muff, Mike Kellie and the boys from Fairport in attendance the gig kicks off to a fine start!

I get heckled on the load out by a cheeky feller....

I get my revenge by getting him on to the tail lift........but fail to get him in the back of the truck!


IngeP said…
Thanks for the beautiful photo of The Assembly. I even recognise my very kind left side neighbour in the audience - and I believe SW’s…

Love your blog!
andysimp said…
Great Gig. Saw you guys in Cambridge in 2007. Even better tonight. You mature like a fine wine. Dirty City. Low Spark and Dear Mr Fantasy did it for me. Hot, Full and Intimate -that's the way to present Rock and Roll!



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