Rocky Bilbao...28/07/09

And so to Northern Spain... It's all a bit greener and we are greeted by rain!

We hit the hotel a day before show and Steve, James, Johnny and I go to a friendly local bar and discover Gulas....mmm baby eels baby!

After a good nights rest we get a decent welcome at the venue and the locals again are extremely quick in getting to work!

With the band shopping Simon waste's no time in getting his cuddle from our promoter's rep Marjorie.

Johnny T just can't get away from his past!

That Jet Lag tour was a bitch too...
One time me and Johnny we're in this venue..*ramble ramble*....*blurt yawn*...

So the stage is set and after a mad rush to the only music shop in the village to get strings, we're ready!

Actually whilst tuning Jose's guitars I banged my head 3 times on the advertising screen's they lowered onto the stage....

So with a false start due to our aging B3 we get going....

But not for long as Johnny has to hit the volume pedal for some emergency TLC...

What a guy!
So with all kit in order and Karls' dropped shaker back in place, the show is hot hot hot!

What a crowd, Jimmy gets a top sound and really pushes the p.a. whilst the crowd are whipped into a frenzy!

Simon has been held up at merch central, so I employ Pinky to dismantle his drums.

What a great job too! I fired Simon then hired Pinky, re-hired Simon and fired Ross..
Then fired myself and hired George!

It was that kind of night :)

He's second from the right..with Perky George to his right.

Thanks guys...

So back to our favourite bar for more refreshment before bed...


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