North Sea Jazz 12/07

After a well earned day off in Luxembourg we hit the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

A quick call to my eldest boy Curig to wish him Happy 13th Birthday and it's time to scout the venue.

As we try and find our way around it becomes very apparent to James and myself is how much of a labyrinth it all is!

As we arrived early we have some time to kill....the band find their way to the hotel.

Ross explores his ipod while Uwe, our driver enjoys the internet.

Steve and Jet go off in search of seafood.... A mission that doesn't go according to plan.

They do find food and end up coming back via one of the event's shuttles, full of performers all dressed in their Sunday best :)

Meanwhile the labyrinthian site now filled with thousands of people proves more than a challenge for James, Ross and myself as we go in search of food....

Not a lot of fun.......

Thankfully the food was great :)

So we prepare back stage during Seal's performance.
A few words are passed between his lovely brass section, some of which are know to by our own Paul Booth...

As soon as the performance is over Seal flies out around the corner straight towards Simon...
Whose retort is a hearty 'Well Done'....Perhaps he should have said..Jolly good show too!

And it's time to hit the stage..

Today's special guest is the fabulous guitarist, and all round nice man, Derek Trucks.
So guitar world has a couple of extra bodies on top of Derek and Bobby-his right hand man.
Things are settled nicely by a quick Russel Crowe impersonation by yours truly..

And what a blinder!!!

Derek Joins the band for Low Spark then Crossroads...

Low spark sees Derek soar through his solo, later joined by a Jose in dual of stratospheric consequence I'm sure!

As I wonder around the stage snapping away with my Nikon I find one Jamie Cullum Bopping away during Crossroads...Nice!

So it's Cigars and 'Vanden' Grolsch before home....


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