Here Peer Beer Here 18/07/09

And so to Belgium for some fine frites with mayonaise, blues and beer!

Steve, Simon, Ross, Karl and myself all hit the festival market.

Ross, lover of slogan shirts soon finds a tee, followed closely by fellow trucker Simon who buys a couple of baby tee's for his expectant Dee.....

I decline the cigar smoking purveyor of slogan shirts, this time.......

Quick food at the VIP restaurant where our orders arer accepted by the slightly confused staff.

Simon it appears is not allowed any brod!

So with a few hours to kill everyone files into the production room and we all fight in vain to get online.

Backstage security is tight and only children accompanied by adults can get in!

We finally get the stage and as we've built the stage super quick it's time for our crew monthly shot!

JT brings Steve a belgium treat for some light refreshment.

Show goes well and our after show meal is disturbed by a well oiled Rolf Harris impersonator, who claims to be mellow and own 2 goats and 4 chickens...


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