Google-heim 29/07/09

A day off in Bilbao and we head off into town..each to find his own ting!

James hits the nail on the head first by finding a wireless spot and wastes no time in receiving another 100 emails, the the life of a global mogul!

Steve has a chat with the local promoter while James takes time to answer his mail...

Johnny T scopes out the locale for a decent wine store..but finds a great big shinny building instead.
We all walk on in style, I must confess to not quite feeling myself at that time.

So we sit down to gather strength and take in the museum, especially after witnessing probably the best installation EVER!

Unfortunately there was no footage taken as the 'man/ woman in the blanket-dragon' was just too much of a surprise.

So we all enjoy the dog and head off back to the hotel, without finding a decent tobacconist for Steve, wine shop for JT or photography shop for yours truely.

We did however all marvel at the local bus route......


IngeP said…
Great photos - Great sense of humour- Great guys!
SR said…
Much agreement. It does get funnier & marvellousier but perilously closer to the end :-( It's been a compelling insight. 'compelling' here means disillusioned. Never will I see certain things about live music in quite the same way (lol).

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