Goodnight, said Florence....7/7/9

After some sleep we all meet for breakfast in the sun....except a sleepy Ross.

James stayed up late to make sure Simon and Ross made it safe..

Paul and I decide to go for a swim in the outdoor pool to loosen up.

As we both get into the empty pool a peel of thunder strikes and the pool guard turfs us out.....but offers us refreshment.

At this point Karl arrives followed by a torrential downpour.

This soon subsides and we enjoy a few lengths.

So with commissionaire Neto guarding our bags we wait for our lift to the venue.

All goes well and we hit the stage for the first load in.....

Sound check goes well and Jose and Paul stay a while to play.

And it's off with the promoters assistants for a slap up Italian....grrrrrrrrrrreat!

A great first gig is had and we hit the road.....


Andrea said…
Thank you guys, It's been a wonderful show!!!

I Really hope to see you soon...

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