Kingston Mayhem 24/01/09

Last show and a little prank is to be dealt to Mr Paul "I can play both at once" Booth....

I've already got a plan now all I need is some rice and a workshop.

Bob and Sarah help in my time of need...

After quite a few attempts to get rice into the baby rattle, we get there, and all is set for Different Light.

At first Paul can't find his shaker.....I run on and hand the rattle to him.

Richard and Karl find this very amusing.

The gig goes down a storm.

And it's last time to play......'Where's the setlist!'....with your host Jet Poe!

Load out is not without it's problems as one of our cases gets wedged because the trailer is on a slant! Eventually it all goes in and it's back to the dressing room for pizza and a ride to the airport hotel.


Anonymous said…
Want to say thank you I had 1st row center at the Kingston show and This had to be the showwwwwwwwww of my life .Will never forget Steve and the whole banddddddddd thanks again
John Cook
Stephen J. said…
First Row Balcony, Just fantastic! Thanks for coming to Kingston! Enjoyed every minute of every song..

Steve from Wappingers Falls
Anonymous said…
Believe it or not went to Bardavon for tickets girls said show was sold outttttttt . She told me leave my number if tickets came up she would call me. Just tired to forget about it , Friday the 16th she called and said had front row tickets members turned in . Jumped right on that . 2 tickets me and a guy from work went both of us are guitar heads live eat and sleep lolololo
well got to go
John Cookingham
muldoon said…
hope to see you in chicago in june!

Jason Jervis said…
Sorry dude...I'm awaiting the arrival of a mini guitar chimp, who arrives in June! Enjoy the show.....
Kristina Costa said…
I've been listening to the sublime talents of Mr. S.W. since childhood and the Kingston gig was the concert-of-all-concerts. As a lover of and employee of the music profession, I attend shows and extend a huge thank-you to all playing with Mr. Windwood for a great evening of musical gratification. Paul and I were talking after the show and I would like to continue correspondence. Can you please forward my email to him. FULTONSTMUSIC@AOL.COM
Be well and happy.
Musically yours,
Kristina Costa
Wendy said…
If you will not be on the tour in June, will we get a tour blogg? Could you pass this taks on to another member of the team? We love to hear what is going on.

Good luck with the mini chimp!


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