Inauguration day, Montclair, New Jersey....the one the only! 20/01/09

Into Soprano land we go!

I've got my eyes peeled just in case I see Dr. Melfi's practice...but alas, no luck!

A good crew, Gus, Jason, Rich all help take us to the stage.

Sound check goes well and it's time to get fed!

Just time to iron a shirt and figure what to do with the $9 ironing board that won't collapse anymore.

Tyler, John, Richard and myself hit the sushi bar..with a bit of a time limit!

A couple of fans, Sasha and her friend( sorry forgot your name!) buy us a round of green tea, unfortunately Richard has left as they don't serve alcohol.

We get our miso soup but are left waiting for the entree...too late I have to go and set the stage.

John bring me my sushi and the tiny portion is devoured with gusto.

We hit home with a top gig under our belts and a new American in the White House...


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